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Since the time of the royal Madama Christine of France the true luxury at the Savoy court was being able to boast a perfume created on the basis of one’s own olfactory portrait. The exciting Maison Tonatto brings this tradition to the present day …

Tonatto Profumi is a maison of Torinese perfumes, which represents the excellence of Italian perfumery in the world. Born in 2000, today, the brand expresses the perfume art: a perfect combination of tradition and avant-garde that translates into a range of products capable of touching the deepest strings of the soul.

  • Where: Via della Rocca 14 c - Torino
  • Price: 200€
  • Duration: about 2 hours
  • Minimum number of people: 1
  • Maximum number of people: 2

Description of experience

Not just a simple perfume but your own (personal, couple, home) made step by step with you, your way of being, your emotions, your mood. A unique essence in the world filtered by hand drop by drop using the most ancient and traditional techniques of high perfumery.

What we offer and what to bring

We offer: A 100ml pack of the essence created together with you.


Declare any allergies during the booking

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