Luggage service


1) Deposit

2) Visit the city

3) Collect your luggage

Luggage Deposit

The service is available both with on-line booking of space (1 hour and day) so you can check the availability of lockers, going to the structure (Via Barbaroux, 5 – Turin) and choosing the best solution for your needs.

The dimensions of the boxes are 61x49x85 cm, therefore suitable up to 4 hand luggage ( trolleys) or a big suitcase and 3 small backpacks.

The payment is always made for the 1 hour of use in order to pay the actual use of the deposit (2.5 euros the first hour).

At the withdrawal we proceed to the payment of the hours (2 hours form the second hour up to the 5 and 12,50 Euro per day – maximum expenditure).

Services for documents/keys deposit

Cassettes to accommodate your documents ( if you are a professional) or your keys and useful information for your Guest on arrival for tourism or work without having to worry about schedules – with the simple booking will be made available with a cade a box dedicated to you that you can make available to you customers with a simple messages.

The cost is per day – 5.90 euros.

How to pay

At the structure of Via Barbaroux, 5 in Turin you can pay either by credit card (including contactless) or ATM or in cash (with coins from 0.50 -1 -2 Euro – the totem NOT from the rest).

On the site there are several online payment systems (main credit cards, pay pal).

Opening Hours Store Via Barbaroux, 5

Every day from 7 am to 11 pm.