“MINI ME” Workshop, Made in Italy – Handmade


“I look like my mom”

Polvere di Stefy:        Sfefania has a workshop in the heart of the city, where, out of passion and great technical ability, it creates creations and clothes for children from 0 to 10 years, starting from the idea, to make a model and then to create it with quality Italian fabrics and fabrics, in the full respect for the delicate skin of children. To differentiate it an essential element: that children should be dressed as children and not mimic adults. In our artisan laboratory colorful clothes are waiting for you, but also birth bows, layettes, sheets and accessories, such as changing tables, diaper holders, bibs all customizable with handmade embroidery.

  • Where: Via Barbaroux 14 - Torino
  • Price: 110€
  • Duration: 2 hour
  • Minimum number of people: 1
  • Maximum number of people: 2

Description of experience

Turin is the home of seamstresses and milliners. Fashion was born here. Stefy will guide us in the handmade Made in Italy, realizing together with us step by step from the fabrics available, 2 dresses to dress the mother and daughter in a coordinated way.

What we offer and what to bring

We offer 2 coordinated light fabric dresses: one for the mother and one for the daughter. When the booking is confirmed, the size of the mother and daughter will be requested.


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