About us

About us

About us

The idea of ​​creating "Posa la Roba - Freefrombags" was created to provide an answer to the needs of travelers, in a modern, simple and practical way.

For years we have been listening, thanks to participation in events organized by industry associations, who is a guest of the city, its needs for hospitality and well-being:

... the freedom to collect the keys and return them at any time, without time restrictions thanks to our automatic check-in and check-out

... the freedom to free yourself from your luggage (suitcases, encumbrances and various weights) leaving them in a safe and convenient place, paying a fair price for a whole day or for a few hours and so enjoying the city or face lighter work appointments thanks at our automatic baggage deposit

... the freedom to travel with small children, without the clutter of high chairs, strollers, bottle warmers, sterilizers, travel cots, thanks to our temporary rental service of this and other equipment

... and in addition to all this freedom, but above all the pleasure of making new, particular, authentic experiences, such as getting to know our city through its gastronomic culture, with the possibility of tasting a historical menu specially created by our chef who can tell all the goodies and peculiarities, or how to visit the largest agro-food market in Europe and discover the many anecdotes connected to it, and if you want, during the visit, to shop and then cook together with our chef, tasting many delicacies and learning the secrets of typical recipes

... the freedom to have a souvenir of the authentic visit, created by young artists who are experimenting with art in different fields: be it a t-shirt with an ad hoc theme, an artist's photograph, a small glimpse of the city painted in watercolors, a portrait of the family, because fantasy has no limits

Our philosophy

"Posa la Roba - Freefrombags" is not just a luggage deposit, it does not want to be a trivial key deposit service, it does not want to be just a platform where useful services are offered. We have the ambition to provide traditional services in an innovative way, for this reason we would like to create a driving force for the many professional skills and sometimes hidden excellences that our city offers, to make our young artists known and generate added value. We would like to enhance our territory, so we are not born near a Railway Station, but we are in one of the historic areas of the city, the Contrada dei Guardinfanti.

The Contrada dei Guardinfanti is the oldest area in Turin. It is built on the remains of the Roman camp, which is why it is characterized by streets perpendicular to each other. The buildings are among the oldest in Turin and date back to the late Middle Ages. Today it is a flourishing village in the historic center of Turin, where, however, there is still an air of the district, of a small town, where the typical shops and typical restaurants follow each other. A small world that we would like to make known to visitors to our city and that is why we are born here. Our logo is also part of our philosophy. In fact, it was designed for us freehand by one of the emerging artists of Turin, Cesare GG. The other friends including Martina P and Michele GG then realized the digitalization of the precious sinbolo. We would like the simplicity of "Posa la Roba - Freefrombags" to express a bit of what lives inside us: genuineness, positivity, cheerfulness, usefulness, professionalism.